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How do I book an appointment?

  1. Pre-pay with Venmo (@emilygrote-psychic) or Cash app ($emilygrotepsychic) strongly preferred, or you can use the links below or above. Pre-paying allows me to book only firm appointments.

  2. After purchase, email to coordinate the date and time, please note usual availability is within two weeks.

  3. Please indicate in the email whether or not this is a psychic or mediumship reading. If it's mediumship reading (connecting with a deceased loved one) please allow at least 6 months to pass, after the loss, before booking.

  4. Appointments are, in person or by Skype/Facetime. For in person readings (located in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn) please be advised that I have cats. Skype/Facetime, calls do not in any way diminish the information that I receive on your behalf. I do not do cell phone readings as reception is lousy in my area. Also, I don't currently live in the little yellow house, gratefully Marge still resides there!

  5. Same day appointments are not available.

  6. Weekend and evening appointments are limited and available first come first served.

How do I schedule the appointment? Do you have an online booking app?
After purchase, email to coordinate the date and time, please note usual availability is within a month. I’m sorry that I don’t offer an online booking calendar at this time.

What are your hours?
Monday 10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 2 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 2 pm
Saturday 10 am – 11 am

What if I need to cancel?

Please allow 48 hours to give me the opportunity to fill the time slot. Cancellations with less notice will not be refunded.

What if I’m late or I forget about my appointment?
Please email, call or text if you know you are going to be late. A fifteen minute grace period will be given for each appointment. In addition, if you do not show up for your appointment you forfeit your non-refundable appointment fee.

Do you have any guarantee?
I have a no hard feelings guarantee. If you feel the information I provided in your reading doesn't ring true, I will refund you 100%. I kindly ask that you resolve any dispute with me directly as it's my top priority that you are satisfied with your reading.

I've never met with a psychic medium, what can I expect?
It's my hope that your reading feels like an enlightening conversation with an old friend. Folks frequently want insight into their love lives, career, moving plans or are interested in my mediumship service (connecting with the energy of deceased loved ones). It is my sincere hope that you leave our conversation feeling a sense of clarity, peace, assurance and sense of direction moving forward.

How should I prepare for my visit to get the most out of it?

  • Questions. You should prepare a list of questions, in order of importance. Your questions are what drive the reading.

  • Photos. I’m a visual person and photos are very helpful, both in my psychic and mediumship work. They help me to glean information about the relationships that you seek insight into. Photos can be originals, printed, on your phone or emailed to me if we’re meeting via video call.

  • Mediumship. Please allow at least 6 months after the loss of a loved one, prior to get a reading. I have found that the passage of time helps the flow of information come through. Please note, I do not guarantee that information from a deceased loved one will come, and ask that you remain open to whatever information is received. Additionally, I can't allow mediumship readings to be purchased as gift certificates. It's been my experience that the grieving individual is the person who should see the service out.

  • Open attitude. Please arrive with an open heart and mind. A closed attitude, general skepticism or deep anxieties about the visit will impede the flow of information.

  • Cell phones. Please refrain from scrolling through your phone or watching TV during our meeting. Your divided attention will make getting a good reading on your behalf difficult.

  • No details please. When we're arranging the appointment via email, please do not send me any personal information as I prefer not to be influenced in advance of your reading.

  • Sobriety. Please be sober for your visit. Prescription medications are ok.

  • Confidentiality. Your readings are completely confidential. I have no interest in sharing your personal information.

  • Independence. It is not advisable to see a psychic medium more than a few times per year. I encourage you embrace the information received in each consult and live fully between visits.

How should I gauge my expectations?

  • Please understand that psychic mediumship is an art not a science.

  • The very best readings are with folks that are open minded, open hearted and not terribly anxious.

  • When seeking information about love or career, it is best to ensure that you are actively working on these endeavors. If you are resisting movement in these areas, that is basically all I will see on your behalf. This is not magical, you need to take action in your life in order to create momentum.

  • Try to suspend your preconceived notions and any agenda you may have. You may not receive the information that you were wanting to hear, regarding relationships or circumstances you’re inquiring about. My intention is to receive information that is for your highest benefit, even if the news is not what you’d hoped for. It's my belief that whatever is uncovered in your reading, is being revealed to you for your highest good.

  • Free Will. You have free will and are ultimately the captain of your ship. As a psychic medium, I merely point out what I see based on the current conditions in your life. You have the capacity to change those conditions at any time, thus shifting future probabilities. This can be as simple as improving your intentions or as concrete as changing a plan you currently have in motion.

  • Please know that I don’t claim to be omniscient. I won’t get everything that there is to know about you. It’s my belief, that there are some paths and lessons that are meant for you to experience in this school of life. It’s how you deal with the outcomes that matter most.

What if you see something scary in my future?
I have a deal with my spirit guides to steer clear of doom and gloom, that said, if I get specific information on situations to avoid, I'll share that with you.   

How does it work?
I take a few deep breaths, invite a meditative state and internally ask spirit to inform me, regarding the answers to your questions. When I'm in that meditative space, I encourage my clients to ask questions – at any time. Asking questions helps keep the flow of information coming. The feedback I get:

  • Is usually very visual in nature, rich with symbolism. I then decipher the symbolism and relate to you its application to your life.

  • Occasionally spirit relay specific names or dates.

  • Deceased relatives and close companions have revealed themselves to me, but this is no guarantee of what will come forth for you. I don’t have control over who comes in, what they choose to share with me or if anyone comes at all. We can simply invite and see what happens.

  • I give you everything that I get, exactly as I get it with aforementioned symbolism explained.

Can I come with a friend or partner?
As long as you are all in alignment, and have a shared strategy on what questions you want answered, then I am ok with couples or small groups of no more than 4 people. The ultimate objective is to all be on the same page and avoid split energies in the room.

Do you do parties?
I'm sorry not to offer party readings as I have an intimate style in which I prefer to work with clients.

Psychic Mediumship is a form of entertainment
The State of New York regards psychic mediumship as a form of entertainment – whereas I regard my psychic mediumship as an extension of my spiritual life practice. While I may not entirely agree with the state of New York’s stance - I respect it. I firmly believe that everyone is psychic and it's depth and scope are proportionate to your belief in yourself and your intuitive abilities. In visiting with clients, my intention is to offer pure consciousness derived information. It is my sincere hope that the information obtained brings you clarity, peace and assurance.

Statement of inclusion
I know in my heart that our common human condition is a beautiful fabric. Our faith traditions, cultures, races, ages, abilities, sexualities and gender expressions are woven purposefully together to make us stronger. However you show up in the world is valuable and precious. Should you have a preferred pronoun please let me know.

By booking an appointment with me, you agree that I am not a medical expert or attorney. I can't and won't give legal advice or attempt to diagnose medical conditions. I am not responsible for any action or decisions you make in your life. My psychic mediumship service is not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. The information obtained in our meeting is subject to your own personal interpretation and any action you take on it is your personal responsibility.

45 minutes $259 

  • Please note, prices are subject to change at any time.

  • If we run over 45 minutes, there is no additional fee

45 Minute Appointment

After purchase please email to coordinate date & time. 

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