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Emily gave me a reading wherein she helped me connect with a dear friend I lost early on in life and answered my specific questions with advice from her spirit guides. I was amazed, to say the least. She connected with my energies very well and working with minimal information, she accurately gauged the past and present situation, and gave actionable rational advice for the future. The reading gave me much-needed comfort and encouragement. Emily was supportive, kind, non-judgmental and extremely understanding. She did not rush me and answered all my questions till I was satisfied with the explanations. I'd definitely approach her again for any guidance I'd need in life.
Lakshmina, India

I recently reached out to Emily for a psychic reading after seeing her business card posted on the bulletin board at a local community acupuncture clinic.  From the moment I picked up her card until now my experience has been filled with professionalism, beauty, ease, and enlightenment.
I do not have any previous encounters with psychic mediums, but I am in the midst of an extremely transitional time in my life, so I decided to contact Emily in hopes of gaining some guidance and clarity to help me as I work through some personal upheaval and major life questions.  
Emily is gracious, warm, attentive and clear in all of her communications.  The psychic reading she gave me has afforded me a great deal of clarity, faith in my abilities, and a renewed sense of hope for the future.  She was able to pinpoint specific issues and fears that I am working through while also providing support and advice as to how I can work with and through them at this time. Her insights about  specific people in my life were spot on, and her reading has helped me to have greater peace with some difficult people in my life. 
Her psychic vision is pure and vivid.  She clearly and concisely relays the information she receives as it comes in. I deeply felt the truth of everything she shared with me, and I feel that all the information I was given was in my highest and best to receive. I am so grateful for her gift and insights. I cannot sing Emily's praises enough! I will not hesitate to contact her again in the future and I recommend her to all!
Jillann, Brooklyn, NYC

Emily is very gifted and one of a kind.  She assured me that my past loved ones were around and gave accurate info about them.  She is very intuitive and is able to pick up things that are going on your life.  Her story is really amazing because she comes from your typical ordinary family but she was the lucky one attuned to spirit.  She is divinely guided to give messages from spirit using nothing but her gift.  No tarot cards or external tools to read from.  She comes highly recommended.
Alana Gordon, NYC

If you are looking for a genuinely gifted and skilled psychic, you’ve found the right person. Emily, the founder and creative director at Rainbobo [magical, mystical & spiritual jewelry], provides readings that are extremely vivid, colorful and precise. She has an extensive background with graphic design, which complements her clairvoyant abilities, allowing her to convey incidents, emotions, and images with strong and compelling descriptions. With her down-to-earth, compassionate, and caring spirit, she will thoroughly enrich you with the gift of her insight.
Ivy Black, NYC

I've had the pleasure of having several readings with Emily. She always gives you everything she has. Her readings are always on point and exactly what i needed to hear at the time. She gives the information in the most heart felt and caring way instead of many others in this field who just rattle of what they get without a care in the world or their client. She sincerely has your best interest at heart and that comes through in her communication and her messages. I feel she really has a connection to the thereafter and am so happy to have met her! You would be doing yourself a favor and a service if you got a reading with her. Just do it! 
Jane Yu, NYC

I'm writing in support of Emily Grote, who gave me a reading a few weeks ago. She handled the exchange professionally and I know that her messages came from spirit. They were concise, to the point, and accurate. Some of what was given to me is happening, and she told me not to anticipate that all would be revealed right now.
Paul Beaudet, NYC